Creators Course — Instructor-Led Workshop

Starts January 2nd, 2018

The Creators Course is an 8-week intensive, online workshop designed by Christopher Fulham for creators who want to level up their composition and media production skills. 

The course is organised around practice, with supervised lessons and assignments in imaging, graphics, video, web and social media production and marketing. Students are expected to commit at least 5 hours per week throughout the 8-week program.

The aim of the course is to immerse students in imaging, video, web, social media production, and online marketing to allow graduates to design, produce and market their creative projects successfully. 

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Creators Course Curriculum

Photographic Images

Students are supported in considering what makes a successful image for them, in terms of subject matter and aesthetics. The course then dives deep into the 2018 versions of Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop CC for image development and production to enable them to realise their images.

Participants must master both Lightroom and Photoshop CC in order to progress to the next module and are supported in this by the course videos and weekly live instructor Q&A sessions.

Design and Graphics

With Lightroom and Photoshop CC mastered the students must focus on creating digital layouts and graphic designs combining photographs, images, illustrations, logos, and text.

Students will be shown a range of methods and approaches to source and extract existing design materials from the web and PDF's to create commercially useful design materials. Photoshop will then be used to compile, design, layout and precisely documents.

The practical assignment for this module for participants is to produce a series of professional and compelling ad designs for print and online. 

Moving Image and Video

With a solid still image production framework in place participants will progress to design and production of moving images and video.

The first assignment requires students to animate their graphics created in the previous module. After Effects CC will be introduced for this purpose and 2D animation and key-framing will be mastered. 

Students will be then guided in shooting a series of technically and compositionally resolved video shots using cameras available to them. The footage will then be transcoded, edited, graded and exported using Premiere Pro CC. 

The course will also require students to create a moving image sequences using photographic still images. Timelapse will also be introduced.

The outcome of this module is participants will possess a solid understanding of current video formats, codecs and filetypes and will be able to produce video using live action material or design materials.

Website Production

Hosted websites, WordPress installations, and landing pages are essential skills today. Cut through the noise and master the key skills to design, build and maintain websites.

Social Media Production

At this stage of the course, you're ready to put it all together to create and produce compelling social media. Combining photographs, graphics, and video produce rich media for any platform.

Supporting Production Tools

This module takes you through the best modern tools for media production to be productive and competitive today. The right tools in the right hands make all the difference.

Creator Resources

All the course resources compiled for easy reference. Tools, tips, shortcuts and much more. Updated and always available to course members.

100% Refund Policy

The Creators Course is not for every body. We understand this. If you start on the course and feel it is not right for you, we will not hesitate to refund your course fees. No questions asked.